The Friedman Group

Sandi Swift from The Friedman has pioneered safety in the inflatable insurance arena securing a 10 percent credit for customers who pass SIOTO through select markets. Call her at 1-877-580-7066

Cossio Insurance Agency

Larry Cossio offers a variety of insurance program  discounts within his agency for inflatable safety program completion through SIOTO. Call Larry Cossio at 1-864-688-0121.

ISERA Insurance Group

One of the oldest insurance groups specializing in a variety of offerings for inflatables and more offers a 10 percent discount for passing the BISOC course. For details you can call Jim Quist at 1-800-521-1709


Unless its a static display at a fire departments open house, this is something you NEVER want to see at your event.  Its an inflatable, its just kids, oh I can fit a couple more inside, its his/her party, just let them have fun, what can it hurt?  WHAT CAN IT HURT?  The correct question is WHO CAN IT HURT? And the answer is simple.  Anyone.  Anyone at any time can become either injured and in some cases there have been deaths.  Yes, deaths.  Its a sad fact.  Very sad.  But it happens.
Accidents have happened and will happen.  Some can be prevented and unfortunately some can not be prevented.  With proper training and education within the industry we can all work towards making our operations safer for everyone.  Just to drive our point home, we have listed some links to various media on the internet to show you what can happen.  Hopefully as an operator or consumer you understand the importance of obeying each and every safety guideline presented to you.  Safety is everybody's job!


Arizona bounce house accident-2/19/11 Arizona bounce house accident-4/2/11
New York bounce house accident-4/21/11 California slide accident-4/29/11
California slide accident-5/7/11 Arizona bounce house accident-5/13/11
UK slide accident-5/22/11 Illinois slide accident-5/27/11
New York accident-6/4/11 Arizona bounce house accident-3/10/12

Michigan water inflatable accident-7-2-12

UK slide accident-4/23/13
Mississippi slide accident-5/21/13 Illinois slide accident-5/23/13
Idaho bounce house accident-7/27/13 New Hampshire Bounce House 10/13/2014
Littleton, CO, Bounce House 6/2/14 New York, Bounce House 5/14/14


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