The Friedman Group

Sandi Swift from The Friedman has pioneered safety in the inflatable insurance arena securing a 10 percent credit for customers who pass SIOTO through select markets. Call her at 1-877-580-7066

Cossio Insurance Agency

Larry Cossio offers a variety of insurance program  discounts within his agency for inflatable safety program completion through SIOTO. Call Larry Cossio at 1-864-688-0121.

ISERA Insurance Group

One of the oldest insurance groups specializing in a variety of offerings for inflatables and more offers a 10 percent discount for passing the BISOC course. For details you can call Jim Quist at 1-800-521-1709
Q. What does SIOTO stand for?
A. Safe Inflatable Operators Training Organization.  Pronounced  Sigh-Oh-Toe.
Q. Can anyone join?
A. Those who are willing to participate in higher standards and safe practices, training and education, and willing to abide by all state and federal guidelines as they apply are welcome to join.
Q. I'm not sure what that means. Can you explain some more?
A. Yes.  It means we want people who are willing to carry insurance if mandated in their state, people who want to complete formal training, people who want to make an impact in the industry by accepting safe operations as their way of business with no short cuts period. We do not allow those who use non-commercial units however.
Q. What about that certification training?
A. There are 2 levels of training, basic and advanced.  You earn different seals for display for each level you complete. Each has a minimal fee associated with it to cover training resources, testing, site maintenance, mailings, etc..
Q. How much does the training program cost?
A. Full pricing structure can be viewed at
Q. How long does it take to process membership applications and payments?
A. All applications are received immediately. You are then directed to the training portal where you purchase your course and start as soon as you are ready.
Q. Is the training mandatory to be a member?
A. Effective in 2009 we mandated the basic course as a minimum for SIOTO membership. The advanced course is optional.
Q. What if I have a lot of employees?
A. We suggest that any primary owners certify in the courses.  We do offer discounts for other members of your staff, and encourage their training, however we do not mandate it.  It is your decision.
Q. Is this a yearly cost?
A. Yes. The first year requires full training and payment, and the following years have a discounted rate and small recertification test.  If you do not renew, you must remove any certification and membership seals from your site and marketing materials.
Q. How long will it take to receive my certification after I pass the certification test?
A. Our new training portal is automated and you will print your certificate as soon as you complete andpass the course.
Q. Do you accept companies who allow customer pickups?
A. Yes we do.  While we do feel it is important and safer for operators to set up the units themselves, we understand in some locations it is common practice for customer pick ups, and its a business decision we leave up to you.
Q. Do you allow companies with units from major retailers, sold for home use if we follow SIOTO guidelines?
A. No we do not. We feel these units are unsafe for commercial use and have seen many accidents concerning these units.


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