The Friedman Group

Sandi Swift from The Friedman has pioneered safety in the inflatable insurance arena securing a 10 percent credit for customers who pass SIOTO through select markets. Call her at 1-877-580-7066

Cossio Insurance Agency

Larry Cossio offers a variety of insurance program  discounts within his agency for inflatable safety program completion through SIOTO. Call Larry Cossio at 1-864-688-0121.

ISERA Insurance Group

One of the oldest insurance groups specializing in a variety of offerings for inflatables and more offers a 10 percent discount for passing the BISOC course. For details you can call Jim Quist at 1-800-521-1709
Free Forum & Discussion Board!

S.I.O.T.O. works in conjunction with in order to bring about the exchange of information in the inflatable industry concerning all aspects of the industry.  The Moonwalk Forum has a special section dedicated to Safety and Training and we encourage you to join.  You'll find numerous other features on the site as well to include start up guides, video instructions, documents and more. This site is one of the most detailed web sites out there containing more information than practically any other site out there.  Forum members also enjoy special discounts and more offered by numerous manufacturers and suppliers to our industry.

Its the fastest growing source of inflatable information on the internet. Hit the link and check it out today, you'll be glad you did.  Best of all, its free!



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